Powertec pt 2451 инструкция

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Lay out the parts and hardware for the base. Just put the parts together finger tight. If you tighten now you will have trouble lining up other parts in the assembly process.

Add on the chrome docking tube — no it is not bent, it is meant to be that way! Then get out your side supports and attach them to the base holes - do not attach to the upright section just yet. Now it is time to put the top section of the gym on.

The cable is stuffed up the inside of the top section. Just reach in and pull it out like above. Put the top part on your shoulder and feed the cable through the top of the base. Once the top is in place, secure the side supports with the bolts on the side and back.

Now put the steel spindle that the bench press arms pivot on, through the frame and secure with the bolt. We are now going to complete the cable section. First up put the bottom pulley in the cable outlet and secure with the bolt. Then build your weight arm for the lat pulldown. Completing the cable is really easy. Just bolt the arm that holds the weight to the pivot point at the back of the gym. Then just pull some slack on the cable between the two back pulleys.

Insert the pulley that will attach to the arm, and just simply pull it down and bolt to the weight arm. Now put the put the bench press arms on the steel spindle. Then put the washer and nut on. The larger of the two L-Shaped bars is used for locking the press arms. The Workbench Multisystem has no cables or pulleys. Allexercises incorporate bearing driven lever arms to provide a smooth and quietoperation. Simultaneous 3-Person Use Improved top clearance allowsfor 3-Person use at the same time.

IncreasedLat Exercise Options Added inner lat pull handlesgive you additional exercises. IncreasedBack Safety Back padding on the seat hasbeen repositioned for better lower back support. ImprovedSafety Stopper added for yourprotection during exercise.

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