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Корпус модели выполнен из прочной и надежной нержавеющей стали. Хлебопечь Severin BM оборудована двенадцатью различными программами, среди которых: Так же модель поможет приготовить пельмени, вареники, пиццу и даже домашнюю лапшу.

Severin BM может выпекать буханки весом и граммов. Так же на выбор владельцу предлагается один из трех вариантов цвета корочки: Инструкция по эксплуатации Severin BM Хлебопечки. Стоит отметить низкое энергопотребление данной модели - всего Ватт.

Бонусы начисляются сразу на Активный счет и становятся доступны для использования по истечении 7 дней с момента покупки. Do not allow the appliance or its power cord to touch hot surfaces or come into contact with any heat sources e. Always ensure that it is well protected from water splashes. Never immerse the plug, the power cord or the appliance itself in water. Do not put your fingers or hands inside the unit, unless it is disconnected from the mains supply and has cooled down completely.

If repairs are needed, please send the appliance to one of our customer 19 Page: The address can be found in the appendix to this manual. Lid A LCD-display 4. Viewing window B Timer and 5.

Baking compartment C Browning control 6. Baking-tin handle D Menu 7. Housing F Bread weight 9. An active programme is indicated by the continuously flashing colon in the time display.

The total programme running time is 3 hours and 50 minutes. B Timer and Programmes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 may be started with a delayed timer setting, enabling the selected programme to finish up to You want to start the programme at Accordingly, the total programme running time will be 11 hours and 30 minutes. Avoid any contact between the yeast and fluids or salt.

The timer function is also unsuitable for recipes which require the addition of any ingredients e. C Browning Baking programmes allow for a pre-selection of the desired level of browning: The level of browning selected is indicated by an arrowhead in the upper part of the LCD-display.

The menu allows for the selection of 12 different programmes: Short stirring 30 sec. Knock back 3rd Rising 4 min. Last rising g 45 min. Baking g 60 min. Programme g 2: Heating and kneading phase45 min.

Standing phase 20 min. The continuously flashing colon in the LED time display indicates that the programme has been activated. Protection against wrong input: Once a programme has been started, all other control buttons will remain blocked until the baking process has finished, or until the button has been pressed for a minimum of 3 seconds.

When pressing any control button, wait until the correct input is acknowledged by a beep signal before releasing the button. F Loaf weight Baking programmes 1, 2, 3, 5 and 11 allow for pre-selection of the loaf size. The selected weight is indicated in the form of an arrowhead symbol beneath the corresponding bread symbol on the LCD display. However, this bread-maker also allows you to use commercially available ready- to-bake mixtures with up to g of solid ingredients for a loaf of up to g.

Additional important instructions - Always use an oven-cloth or suitable gloves when touching the unit after use, or when handling freshly baked bread.

Should the flour content fall short of this minimum, thorough kneading of the dough cannot be ensured. Excessive flour content may result in the dough rising over the edge of the baking-tin. However, this condensation will disappear during the baking phase. In order to prevent damage, do not use any metallic, hard, sharp or pointed objects on the coating.

Operating the bread-maker empty could result in damage to the unit by overheating of the empty baking-tin. Caution - In the event of any smoke coming from the baking compartment, be sure to keep the door firmly closed, but immediately remove the plug from the wall socket. Do not, under any circumstances, try to smother or extinguish smouldering dough with water.

Dough may catch fire if it is allowed to rise over the edge of the baking-tin and touch the heating element. It is therefore important to follow the quantity limits given in the recipes. Always ensure that it is placed on a firm, level work surface. Always position the unit in such a way that it cannot fall over.

After the programme has finished, the dough e. During preparation, make sure the baking-tin is only two thirds full of all the ingredients approx. The bread has a light structure and a thin crust. This will remove the smell typically encountered when first activating the heating elements. To prevent the baking-tin from overheating, be sure to remove it before switching the unit on. The baking-tin itself must be thoroughly cleaned before it is used for the first time.

Be sure to avoid any contact between the yeast and salt or liquids when using the timer. Make sure that it locks firmly into place. Before starting the programme, close the lid, insert the plug into a suitable wall socket and switch the appliance on. Each time the button is pressed, the display changes to the next programme in the sequence. The following settings are available: The key input is confirmed by an acoustic signal.

Press the button for at least 3 seconds and open the lid. В каждом рецепте в инструкции по эксплуатации печи количество. В каждом рецепте в инструкции по эксплуатации печи количество Но некоторые приборы замешивают тесто для пиццы - BM Severin и для.

Отзывы, инструкции, рецепты для хлебопечек и мультиварок, выпечки хлеба. Все рецепты проверили на практике - веса и объемы указано точно. Удобно и прочно фиксируется ведерко, вынимать и переносить за две ручки легко. Инструкция по эксплуатации mp canon.

Драйвера к телефону samsung wave 2 gt-s Драйвера для avertv hybrid fm volar. Я - абсолютный новичок,даже еще не имеющий хлебопечки,а только выбирающий Уж очень понравилась по дизайну печка Severin BM, вроде и по функциям.

Инструкция к хлебопечке Funai FAB Описание Характеристики Цены Магазины рядом Отзывы. Есть опыт общения с хлебопечками других марок, скажу честно Достоинства: Инструкция как соблазнить мужчину.

Инструкция по установки сигналки своими руками. Ответы физика перышкин 9 класс. Основные особенности хлебопечки Severin BM Досталась ХП Severin в наследство без инструкции.

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